Saturday, 22 August 2015

Gatagara Music Appeal

HVP Gatagara Music Appeal

Thanks to all of our family and friends who donated to the HVP Gatagara Music Project for the Blind and Visually Impaired Children in Rwamagana.

We donated 759,898 Rwandan Francs (£700 in total). 

This is an email from Emmanuel NTAKIRUTIMANA, our friend in Rwanda and a teacher in the school

"Hello! I am very sorry to delay to reply to your email I had a problem with network and we were very busy because of closing the second term!
But sincerely we thanked you very much of your good will to help the children of Rwanda. We ensure you that we will buy these materials and send  photos of them. In general the school is well with new buildings like chapel refectory and rehabilitation of some houses.soon I hope to send some photos of them once my camera will be repaired.
And my family is now 3 in one."

Below are a couple of emails from the Headteacher Brother Gregory.....

"Dear friends of the HVP / Rwamagana School
With this letter, I want to thank you for your support and love you have towards students and staff at our school.  You have shown us a love without measure; we recognized this and will make good use of these instruments. We accept to send pictures to you after the instruments have been bought, however the distance we would like to celebrate with you the inaugural day. Children will be highly pleased with this gift and will make as good use.

Deeply thank you from the heart

Brother Gregory Mubale Rushoboza"

"Subject: thanks giving
I have the honor to inform you that we have received the money and we are very very thankful to you and all people who were involved in the collection of this good help to our school development. I received: 759898 rwandan franc; thanks
In fact you are contributing to the realization of the noble objectives that has set our School of blind and visually impaired to develop kids talents and leisure,
 I unsure you that we will make good use of gift and will send you report of what and how the money was used. I wish you come and see how much we are happy and thankful of the gift.
Please accept, Sir, Madam Expression of my deep respect"

Here are a few photographs of the school...
Outside the school
Entrance to the main hall where we did our workshops
The main school Hall
Courtyard of the school with graves of Brothers killed in Genocide
The school's mission
Wood burning ovens for school meals
Braille Machines in Classrooms
New Dormitory Blocks
This is the original appeal.....

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all well. Excuse us for putting our begging hats on. When we were in Rwanda in 2011, it was quite challenging at first getting used to the way things worked especially as we were the only "muzungus" in town at the time. The Headteacher (Peter) and two of the staff  (Eric and Emmanuel) were particularly helpful to us at the beginning and throughout our stay. They have remained firm friends ever since.

The School is HVP Gatagara in Rwamagana where we lived for the year. It is a school for the visual impaired and is residential as so many of these children do not survive well in the community or indeed are rejected because of their disability. We had many links with the school and delivered many of our workshops to Headteachers there. Many of the children preferred to be in school rather than home as they felt secure and safe.

They have asked us to help with a music project to provide musical instruments and some musical equipment. The total amount they are trying to raise is 6 million Rwanda Francs. Sounds like a lot but it's around £6,000. Of course, we are not trying to raise all of that as they will have other sponsors but we thought we would try to do our bit and maybe pay for some of the musical instruments which would be more manageable.

Once whilst we were there, they put on a performance for us and a few others. First of all is was a Goal Ball Game where 5 players on each side, totally blindfolded for equality as they have varying levels of sight, threw themselves around a pitch with very wide goals playing with a ball with a bell in it so they could track it. They were the area champions. We subsequently saw the same game on the Paralympics. You can watch the video on YouTube and you may recognise Mary in the background. I was the photographer. You will see the Goal Ball Players being entertained by the other students.

​Watch Video HERE​

You'll find a copy of the original project documents HERE

Now for the hard bit because we're not used to asking for money and will fully understand if you are unable to support this as we all have our favourite charities. However, any small amount would be gratefully appreciated and added to the total we send. 

Best wishes to all and thanks in advance,

Stephen and Mary