Monday, 13 May 2019

Spring is here!

 Spring in 2019!
Let's bring cheer
In Spring 'tis true, like thee my heart does dance away,
And for golden flowers and yet another floral year I do pray.
For some time now the tight buds they have been appearing,
And Primula with Pansies planted made them ever so cheering.

One day ago the first hyacinths they did poke out their noses,
Not far from the bush with just one of last year's roses.
Scarlet Camelia for some time now hath shown its face,
At this time of year 'tis the pride of the garden's grace!
Has been ever so cold o'er here these last few days,
And the thoughts of Spring to say the least have been a haze.
Threats of amber warnings are posted all around,
And the spring blooms have no room frozen in the ground.

Siberia is coming and shall be here say they for yet a while,
And no doubt its bitter cold blasts promises 'twill be quite a trial.
But one thing's for sure as it proves to us year upon year.
The buds, Spring Flowers and Gentle Green Leaves will still appear!