Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Antiques Road Show at Ightham Mote

BBC One’s Antiques Roadshow at Ightham Mote 

We advertised this because we thought it might be of interest to members. We know that a few of you went and avoided the rain including my family. To be clear we had no antiques (probably with the exception of ourselves).

It was a great day out if you managed to dodge the showers especially if you were NT members and like us had a baby with us - that gave us two reasons to be allowed to jump the queues which we were told were the longest the show had experienced in a long time. There must be a lot of antiques in Kent, although some of the things people were carrying required an awful lot of wishful thinking.

One man showed an eastern coffee maker which he bought for £90 which he was told would have a starting price of £2,000. Lucky man.

I think I'll let the pictures do the talking and, if I find out when it is being aired, I'll post it on here.

£2,000 + worth of coffee maker

The queues
Fiona Bruce