Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Our U3A evening on French Wines

Wine Appreciation Goes French

Twelve of the Wine Appreciation Group One met at Stephen and Mary's on one of the best days of the year weather-wise. We had decided on this occasion to break with tradition and meet on a Sunday lunchtime (but not for Sunday lunch). The weather was good enough to hold the whole meeting in the garden.

We have arranged to go to St Emilion in Bordeaux in June, so it seemed appropriate to have the theme of French wines. Complete with French music, the Marseillaise, French flags galore and a speech in French to get us in the mood, we tasted two Sparking Cremant wines, three whites and three reds - all with accompanying food.

Members grouped in pairs to blind-taste each of the three groups of wines and match them to the labels they had been given after a brief introduction about each of them. Not surprisingly, after more than twenty meetings, every pair managed to identify correctly all of the reds and the whites. An astonishing success which shows how we have developed in three years. It was all down to the Sparking Wines. However, we identified winners in Paddy and Peter who managed to identify correctly all eight wines.

Is it a record? We arrived at 1pm and broke up at 8-20pm which proved what a good time we all had. We have to ask the question, is this a record for the longest meeting any group has held in members' homes? (not counting days out and field trips, of course). Let us know if you disagree!

We'll let the Before and After pictures speak for themselves!

Just an example of the wines we tasted